Library, National University of Ireland, Maynooth


Staff Development and Training Policy




A stated objective of the Library Strategic Plan is

to maximize staff potential through a comprehensive training and development programme (Library Strategic Plan, p. 12)



  1. Objectives
  2. Content
  3. Responsibility
  4. Identifying training and development needs
  5. Application, evaluation and feedback
  6. Records



1. Objectives

The Staff Development and Training Policy has been devised for all library staff in order to:

1.      Provide a framework within which staff development and training in the Library can be facilitated.

2.      Provide the Library with well-trained, highly motivated, competent staff with the necessary skills and knowledge to be effective in their roles and to meet requirements of the service and the University in a time of change.

3.      Create an understanding by individual staff members of their role within their department and within the Library and the relationship between the Library and University.

4.      Create an environment where staff are encouraged to extend their skills and knowledge and are given the opportunity and encouragement to use and develop their skills and knowledge to the full and to actively suggest changes and improvements to working procedure.

5.      Create an environment where all staff take responsibility for promoting their own career and development within the opportunities available.

6.      Create an environment where knowledge and expertise gained through training is dispersed as much as possible throughout the library in order to improve overall quality of service.

7.      Support personal and career development.



2. Content

For new members of staff:

         Library Induction. All members of staff will follow a comprehensive induction programme. Immediate induction and introduction to the organisation will take place within the first few weeks. This includes introductory documentation (induction package) and support (on-the-job training, introduction to colleagues, etc.). After two weeks the new staff member will complete a checklist. The supervisor/department manager will sign this and pass it to the Deputy Librarian.


         New staff members will attend a formal one-day induction programme within their first year of service.


         University Induction. The university currently offers this programme to permanent staff. All permanent staff will be facilitated to attend.


         On-the-job Training. This will commence when staff join the Library and will cover training in all duties they are expected to carry out. Staff already in post will receive training in new procedures and techniques as required by the introduction of new equipment, services and policies.


        Other training as deemed appropriate.


For established staff:
Where appropriate, staff will be facilitated to participate in:

         In-library training, facilitated by library staff

         In-library training, facilitated by external consultants

         University training courses, facilitated by the Quality Promotion Office and Computer Centre

         Attendance at relevant conferences

         External courses

         Shadowing and exchanges - in-house and external

         Attendance at exhibitions, demonstrations and displays both in-house and externally

         Membership and participation in library-related bodies such as the Library Association of Ireland and other relevant groups/societies

         Work-based learning and self-directed learning

         Formal education - staff wishing to pursue degrees/diplomas should, if they so wish, discuss the matter with the Deputy Librarian



3. Responsibility

The Deputy Librarian has overall responsibility for staff training. It is the responsibility of supervisors/managers to provide appropriate training for staff to carry out their job on a day-to-day basis and to identify specific skill training necessary for the post. Individual staff members are encouraged to take responsibility for promoting their own career and staff development.


4. Identifying training and development needs

The Library's Strategic Plan sets out the development of the Library from 2000 to 2005. Staff training and development forms a specific part of the Plan and other sections will have training implications. When identifying staff development needs, organisational goals and objectives, as outlined in the Library Strategic Plan, must be considered.



Staff development needs will be identified in the following ways:

         Members of the Operations Group of the Library Strategic Plan will carry out an audit of training needs in their area in consultation with all staff in that area

         Decisions of the Library Management Team may have implications for training

         Manager/Supervisor observation

         Personal identification

         During PDR interviews in Reader Services



5. Application, evaluation and feedback

All staff wishing to attend a course outside the Library should first discuss the matter with their supervisor/section manager.

An application to attend a course form available via staff intranet - should be completed. These forms are available from the Library Executive Assistant. This must be approved and signed by the Head of Section. Reader Services, Information Services and Systems should then pass the form to the Deputy Librarian. Supervisors/Managers in the Collections Area should first speak to the Sub-Librarian - Collections, before the form is passed to the Deputy Librarian.


Evaluating the effectiveness of staff development and its contribution to overall library development is an important part of the development process. After attending a training event staff will write a report for their supervisor. This report will be circulated to all library staff within 2 weeks of attendance at the event, via the library e-mail list. The report will be stored on the library intranet - LIPSERVICE. Where appropriate, a presentation may be made to groups of staff to cascade the information.


6. Records

The Deputy Librarian will keep a central record of attendance at training events. This will form the basis of the training and development section of the library annual report.


January 2003