ANLTC Committee roles







John Cox


      Co-ordinate meeting agendas

      Chair meetings

      Monitor main areas of activity

      Liaise with CONUL




      Deputise for Chair

      Incoming Chair




Ned Fahy

      Take minutes at meetings

      Circulate minutes within week of meeting

      Co-ordinate documentation


Catherine Fahy

      Deputise for Secretary

      Incoming Secretary (?)



Pauline Corrigan

      Provide a financial summary to ANLTC meetings

      Maintain a spreadsheet with details of all bank account transactions

      Pay costs/expenses/honoraria etc. for each ANLTC course

      Keep copies of financial transactions for each course

      Receive and reconcile a monthly bank statement

      Provide financial information for an annual audit each Spring

      Advise on financial policies and procedures

Web Site Manager


John Cox

      Revise design of Web site

      Re-organise organisation of content

      Ensure optimal usability of site

      Monitor supply of site content, including material from completed ANLTC courses where possible

      Remove or re-locate dated content

      Link to relevant sites

      Implement a private area, password protected, for Committee use, to include:

Course evaluations

Minutes (agreed)

Financial reports and records

Documentation archive

Events Co-Ordinator


Paul Murphy

      Collate information on annual events programme

      Ensure publication to Web site

      Liaise with host as necessary

      Report progress of programme to Committee as standing agenda item

Events Evaluators



Miriam Corcoran























Helen Fallon

      Review events evaluation form, eg convergence between course objectives and evaluation; customer satisfaction vs. learning/information outcomes; grading methodology; quantitative and qualitative data

      Create database of evaluations to facilitate cross course evaluation and total programme evaluation

      Collect, analyse & disseminate data

      Centralise role of evaluation co-ordinator to:

  • Collect all evaluations
  • Enter into database

        Distribute results to all committee members

      Produce end of year report on programme evaluation

      Feed into needs analysis for next cycle


      Analyse possibilities for user surveys

      Develop questionnaires

      Conduct surveys

      Report and analyse results

      Publicise results

      Co-ordinate annual report

      Publish via Web site


Lindsay Mitchell

      Encourage research activity in member institutions by:

  • monitoring sources for funding for research in library and information studies, eg Daphne Clark prize, Elsevier/LIRG Research Award, SCONUL Award for Staff Development, CONUL Bursary, relevant EU research programmes etc
  • publicising availability of sources of research funding via anltc Web site
  • identifying suitable anltc training programmes in research skills
  • evaluating possible distribution mechanisms for publication of research outcomes, including anltc Web site

Continuing Professional Development

Ursula Gavin

Trevor Lyttle

      Keep up to date with the literature in CPD

      Appraise the committee of developments in CPD

      Create a subsection of the ANLTC website dealing with CPD

      Identify useful seminars and conferences

      Recommend relevant short courses for the ANLTC programme

      Assist in setting up 2004 core skills seminar

      Create a recommended trainer list

      administer a bursary for professional excellence

      Recommend a list of core competencies for professional library staff

External Liaison and Communication

Not assigned

      LAI Standing Committee: seek membership on Education and Training Panel

      Other consortium training groups: make contact with SALCTG, SCONUL advisory group, CILIP, PTEG, HESDA, ARL OLMS, as well as discovering other Irish groups involved in library staff training

      SCONUL: articles or news items for the SCONUL newsletter

      Promotion/marketing (newsletter; press releases to site newsletters;

      articles for Update, An Leabharlann etc. as well as house newsletters

      Report activities to Committee

      Publish conference papers




John Cox

4 June 2003