ANLTC Review Update


Monday 13 October 2003, National Library of Ireland, 1345


Present: John Cox (chair), Pauline Corrigan, Helen Fallon, Ursula Gavin, Colette McKenna, Paul Murphy

Apologies: Miriam Corcoran, Catherine Fahy, Ned Fahy, Margaret Flood, Trevor Lyttle, Lindsay Mitchell



  1. Re-vamp design and organisation of Web site and ensure regular content supply

[logo at advanced stage of development; JC to integrate into new page template and to progress content reorganisation, aiming for public access to new site in Spring 2004]


  1. Create and populate an intranet

[in progress; JC to extend archive to start of 2001 where possible]


  1. Co-ordinate 2004 programme, ensuring balanced coverage

[topics agreed at morning meeting, 13 Oct; All to advise PM of dates, scope, audience etc by 30 Nov; PM to publish on Web site in first half of December]


  1. Invite CONUL member to Programme 2004 planning meeting



  1. Include “core skills” conference for 2004

[under consideration, possibly under CPD banner; LM to advise further at next meeting on 9 Dec]


  1. Appoint organising sub-committee for conference

[to be considered further on 9 Dec]


  1. Produce a summary and analysis of 2003 programme evaluations

[planned for annual report (action 10) – MC to report further at 9 Dec meeting, including ideas for review of evaluation form]


  1. Conduct a user survey

[agreed to target full-time staff and focus on issues of specific practical concern to ANLTC, with emphasis on collecting data to guide future planning of events; 1999 survey offers good model and its use as basis of 2004 survey would facilitate comparison – All to review 1999 form and to advise HF of required amendments/additions; HF to present draft at 9 Dec meeting]


  1. Summary of research funding possibilities

[possible sources already identified by LM when establishing briefs for each Committee role earlier in the year; research funding section will be included on re-vamped Web site]


  1. Produce an annual report (for 2003)

[noted some likely inclusions, eg summary of Committee review process, overview/evaluation of 2003 programme, financial summary; HF to coordinate contributions and to present draft contents list to next meeting on 9 Dec]


  1. Newsletter/press release focusing on key changes/developments (needs to be distinct from annual report)

[update re Committee review submitted to CONUL by JC, March 2003; JC to emphasise regularly updated News section on Web site; All to consider occasional email to own staff to highlight news items]


  1. Organise research/innovation award

[distinct from Bursary which would remain focused on Library Assistants; discussed possibility of a substantial research award (eg €5000, raised through increase in course fees, use of existing reserve); ANLTC could seek proposals from member libraries for work it identified as of value to its community, eg use of VLE for staff induction training (action 21); condition of any award would be full dissemination to other libraries; to be discussed further at 9 Dec meeting, with briefing from LM on how best to position ANLTC in context of other awards, eg SCONUL]


  1. Working group to document course organisation procedures

[agreed procedures as per document circulated by PC in August, with a few edits to be incorporated in next version, eg early venue/room booking; circulation of programme/booking form 6 weeks in advance; payment of €100 to contributor involved in more than one part of the programme; use of Civil Service mileage rates, but only in unlikely event that public transport not possible; issuing of certificate of attendance via local Committee rep.]


  1. Treasurer to document financial procedures

[incorporated in 13 above]


  1. Organise audit for 2002 programme (2001 also?)



  1. Honorarium for auditor



  1. Make external liaison a standing agenda item

[agreed to alternate external liaison and CPD as standing items from next meeting; JC to ask MF to take on external liaison role on committee]


  1. Assess commercial alternative, eg NVQs

[comparison of NVQs with, eg City and Guilds, may surface in subsequent discussions of CPD]


  1. Publish “best practice” documents

[staff development policies most likely candidate material; All to supply if non-confidential – JC to publish to intranet only]


  1. Publish conference papers

[dependent on shape of CPD/core skills conference in 2004; contributors could be asked in advance to provide written version of papers; publication could be via a journal, eg PTEG and/or via ANLTC Web site]


  1. Investigate VLE approach to staff training

[nothing in hand locally but could be progressed via research/innovation award as noted in discussion of action 12 earlier]



John Cox, 15 October 2003