ANLTC Review: possible actions



  1. Re-vamp design and organisation of Web site and ensure regular content supply


  1. Create and populate an intranet


  1. Co-ordinate 2004 programme (beginning June 2003?), ensuring balanced coverage


  1. Invite CONUL member to Programme 2004 planning meeting


  1. Include “core skills” conference for 2004 (any CONUL view yet?)


  1. Appoint organising sub-committee for conference


  1. Produce a summary and analysis of 2003 programme evaluations


  1. Conduct a user survey


  1. Summary of research funding possibilities


  1. Produce an annual report (for 2003?)


  1. Newsletter/press release focusing on key changes/developments – when? (needs to be distinct from annual report)


  1. Organise research/innovation (?) award (Autumn?)


  1. Working group to document course organisation procedures


  1. Treasurer (with assistance?) to document financial procedures


  1. Organise audit for 2002 programme (2001 also?)


  1. Honorarium for auditor


  1. Make external liaison a standing agenda item


  1. Assess commercial alternative, eg NVQs


  1. Publish “best practice” documents


  1. Publish conference papers


  1. Investigate VLE approach to staff training



John Cox, 18 February 2003