ANLTC Course organisation checklist



September each year:

  1. Decide topic(s), format, duration, select speakers, ascertain maximum number of participants and target audience.

2 Assess potential costs (get quotes from speakers, caterers etc., use existing financial template to estimate costs) Commercial companies charge for their travel, accommodation (if any) and their time, all these are usually included in their fee, if not ask them for a quote. Speakers from our own institutions should charge their expenses to the course host, not to their own institution, including travel, accommodation, at Civil service rates, based on public transport not on mileage allowance. Their home institution is required to give them the time to attend the course.

These speakers are offered an honorarium, which may vary from 70.00 (for presenting one paper during a course) 100.00 (for full day participation ) to 200.00 ( for organising an event)

  1. Book venue
  2. Assess potential income to arrive at the charge for the course (use financial course report as a template to assist in this.)
  3. Submit course details to course co-ordinator for website by 30 November.


6 weeks before the course:

1.      Send out application form and programme to each institution and to the web site, allow 2 weeks for returned applications

  1. Confirm arrangements with speakers, assess if they need any IT/AV assistance
  2. As participants apply, create an e-mail list to communicate with them more speedily, in case of any last minute changes etc. Allocate two places per institution and assign others to waiting list
  3. Confirm places with individuals as bookings are made, sending details of location, registration time, etc.


On the day:

  1. Welcome the participants and introduce the speakers (unless you have appointed a chairperson).
  2. Circulate delegate list
  3. Hand out evaluation forms to participants, and collect if possible at the end of the day.


Day after:

  1. Send out one invoice and individual certificates of attendance to each ANLTC committee member for all of their participants. Collate evaluation forms, send to Committee and website

Option 1.

  1. Pay the speakers and caterers directly from your own budgets. Deposit cheques received for participants into your own account, send a cheque for the balance only to the Treasurer, or invoice the Treasurer to cover any loss.
  2. Return the completed financial template, with list of participants and financial details to Hon. Treasurer.

Option 2.

a) Send the speakers and caterers invoices to the Hon. Treasurer for payment.

b) Send the individual cheques from each institution for payment

c) Return the completed financial template, with list of participants and financial details to Hon. Treasurer.



Pauline Corrigan

December 2003