Course:                                   (Academically Valid) Speed Reading

Course Code:                                     2016/07

Date:                                                     Friday, 16th December, 2016

Host Library /Course Location: DCU Library, (Glasnevin Campus), Maths Learning Centre

Course Description:
In order for professional (as opposed to recreational) reading to be effective, it needs to be a combination of efficient (in terms of speed and retention), strategic (in terms of appropriately targeted) and critical.  This interactive workshop will give you a number of tools to help you to read more quickly, more strategically and more critically.

The course will focus on improving four key areas:

  • Absolute speed – some simple techniques to help you (with practice) increase your reading speed and efficiency.
  • Strategic focus – questions and techniques to help you consider what to read and how to read it.
  • Habitual consistency – tactics to help you work more effectively, process your material and avoid re-work.
  • Criticism and Comprehension – questions and techniques to help you criticise and comprehend what you are reading.

Please note:  In advance of the course some pre-work will be sent to participants


Audience:           All Library staff

Presenter:          Dr Steve Hutchinson, Hutchinson Training and Development

Fee:                       €60