Introduction to Metadata

Course Code:                  ANLTC 2013/01

Date:                                   Monday 14th or Tuesday 15th January 2013            10.00-16.30

Description:     This course provides a solid grounding in the concepts behind metadata and emphasises the main skills needed for effective metadata work.


During the course participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the concepts underpinning metadata
  • Learn how to deploy LIS skills in a metadata management environment
  • Explore ways in which metadata can improve retrieval
  • Discover the main metadata standards that are available

Audience:  This course is aimed at experienced cataloguers and professional library staff who are taking on responsibility for metadata in their work. It will also be of benefit to those with responsibility for the management of cataloguing departments.

Note:   The same course will be run on two consecutive days to facilitate expected demand.  Participants may indicate their first and second choice of dates, and while every effort will be made to facilitate first choices, this cannot be guaranteed.

Host Library:                      Mercer Library, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Lower Mercer Street, Dublin 2

Course Location:              Mercer Library, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Lower Mercer Street, Dublin 2 – Map to Mercer Library:


The Media as your Ally


 Course Code:            ANLTC 2013/2

Date                            Thursday 21st February 2013, 9.30-16.30

 Description:               This course will explore using print and online media effectively to market

                                    Library Services


  • During the course participants will
  • Learn how to define clear messages for internal and external audiences
  • Develop skills in writing clear imaginative short pieces of text
  • Discover how to construct a press release
  • Gain insights into how social media can be used to advertise resources and events
  • Discuss how to develop a media strategy
  • Examine how to archive and disseminate coverage of library events in the media

Audience: Library Staff who wish to use the media (print and electronic) more effectively to market and publicise their library services

The course will be very participative and will include practical exercises which can be based on specific promotional / media campaigns in which participants are or will be involved.  To facilitate effective practical group work the maximum number of participants is limited to 16.


Host Library: NUI Maynooth, Co. Kildare

 Venue:  Media Room 5, Kairos Communications –Moyglare Road, Maynooth.


Library Impact and Assessment


 Course Code:            ANLTC 2013/3

Date                            Tuesday 7th May 2013, 9.30-16.30

 Description:               In these times of economic downturn and budget cutbacks it is very important that libraries demonstrate value for money and show evidence of impact on student learning and research.  Capturing and analysing usage data helps libraries to focus services in areas that will have the highest impact, thus supporting institutional objectives and strategies. Usage data, both quantitative and qualitative, can also show how libraries positively influence skills and competencies, and attitudes and behaviour of users.


  • To raise awareness amongst CONUL libraries about assessments and impact initiatives both in the UK and Ireland.
  • To encourage CONUL library staff to share best practice in relation to library impact and assessment.

Audience: Library Staff who collect and analyse library usage data to evaluate services and library staff who are directly involved in delivering those services to users.

Host Library: University College Dublin Library

 Venue:  North Training Room, Berkeley Library, Trinity College Dublin, Dublin 2.


Introduction to Resource Description and Access

Course Code:                  ANLTC 2013/04 (Jointly run in association with LAI CMG)

Date:                                   Thursday 23 or Friday 24th May 2013            9.30-16.30


Description:     This workshop will provide a brief introduction to RDA, to establish the identity of the new approach to matters bibliographic then examine the modifications made to MARC 21 to accommodate these changes. The focus will be on MARC 21 Bibliographic.



During the course participants will:

  • Gain an understanding of the concepts underpinning RDA
  • Be aware of the principles underpinning RDA
  • Have explored the use of RDA to describe items
  • Understand the continuing development of RDA service.
  • Recognises the RDA changes in downloaded MARC 21 records
  • Implement appropriate RDA areas in MARC 21
  • Be able to assess the potential impact of RDA on their information

Audience:  This course is aimed at cataloguers and library staff who are involved in the cataloguing work. It will also be of benefit to those with responsibility for the management of cataloguing departments.

Note:   The same course will be run on two consecutive days to facilitate expected demand.

Host Library:                      National Library orIreland

Course Location:              South Training Room,TrinityCollege Library


Sconul Statistics Workshop

Course Code: ANLTC 2013/05

Date: Thursday 13th June, 10.30-16.30

Description: SCONUL has been collecting and publishing statistics from UK university libraries since 1987, with the aim of providing sound information on which decisions can be based.  More recently, a number of Irish libraries have made a concerted effort to complete and submit their statistics for inclusion in the SCONUL Annual Library Statistics publication and website.  The statistical questionnaire forms the foundation of all SCONUL’s statistical reports and services.  Libraries who submit SCONUL statistics have a core set of metrics on library resources, usage, income and expenditure for any academic year which they can use to benchmark themselves against over 180 UK and Irish libraries.

Audience: The workshop is designed for contributors at all levels, from those who enter data into the questionnaire, to those who have responsibility for areas covered by the survey or have overall responsibility for the survey.  The course will also be relevant to those who use – or would like to use – the data for performance assessment and benchmarking.  Participants are encouraged to submit specific queries in advance for discussion at the workshop.

Host Library: Library and Information Services, University of Limerick, Limerick

Course Location: Computer Science Building, University of Limerick – No. 8 on the Campus Map

Presenter: Claire Creaser


Publishing and Disseminating Your Research and Practice


Venue:                        Library, NUI Maynooth

Date:                           Wednesday 26th June 2013, 9.30 – 16.45

Course Code:            ANLTC 2013/6

Places:                       14

Cost:                           €100 (there are a limited number of places at €20 for unwaged)


Target Audience:      Library Staff who are writing, or wish to write, for publication



The workshop will cover the following



Generating ideas; understanding the types of writing that different publications require; identifying appropriate data sources to use as evidence/results in articles/posters; identifying appropriate publishing outlets; initiating contact with editors/publishers; structuring/outlining a piece of writing; creating an abstract; developing a body of text; ensuring style and flow in writing; drafting and redrafting; editing and self-critiquing your work and the work of peers; developing productive writing habits etc.


Publishing & Disseminating Your work:

Submitting your work to an editor/publisher;  the editorial/peer-review process; maximizing the visibility of your publications –  institutional repositories, Slideshare, Google Scholar, Mendeley,, Twitter and other networking tools



Learning Outcomes
By the end of the course participants will

  • Have drafted an article or other piece of writing
  • Understand the mechanics of writing (including structure and style)
  • Know more about the publishing process
  • Know more about increasing the visibility of their publications
  • Have developed increased confidence and motivation to write

Presenter: Helen Fallon is Deputy Librarian at the National University of Ireland Maynooth.  She has published extensively.


Following the workshop, there will be an option for participants to become part of an academic writing group if they wish.  This group will interact online and meet in person at the end of October.