Course:  The Librarian As Academic Writer

Course code: ANLTC 2011/01

Venue: Glenroyal Hotel, Maynooth, Co. Kildare

Date: Thursday 24th February 2011

Description: In this one-day seminar, publishers, editors, authors and other experienced writers will offer
insights and advice on the following

  • publishing articles
    in peer-reviewed journals
  • submitting conference
    papers and posters
  • publishing book
    chapters and books
  • developing your
    practice and research into an advanced degree

This seminar will provide an opportunity to learn from experts in the field. It is not about the mechanics of writing.

Poster Exhibition: Participants in the seminar will be invited to bring poster presentations and exhibit them if they wish. Emerald Group Publishing Limited will offer a prize for the winning poster. This will be a book of the winner’s choice from their book store
Posters may have been previously exhibited.

Audience: Library Staff who actively wish to write journal articles, books or book chapters, present
posters or undertake advanced degrees.

Places: 30

Cost: €120


McGuinness Writing an  academic book

Scott Writing for  Emerald Journals

Poster Guidelines


Course:   Managing Exhibitions in Libraries – an Introduction

Course Code:  ANLTC 2011/02

Date:  Tuesday 12 April 2011

Venue:   National Library of Ireland


Developing exhibition programmes in Libraries is a relatively new feature in many Libraries. The National Library has been responsible for a number of exhibitions over the recent past, including the award winning Yeats exhibition, but staff are also involved on an ongoing basis with smaller temporary installations to promote different aspects of Library collections and services, they have built up considerable in-house expertise in developing exhibition progammes.

The course will cover the following areas:

  • The purpose of exhibitions and choosing an exhibition theme
  • Designing an exhibition, content, material, visual, multimedia
  • Conservation and preservation requirements
  • Marketing
  • Developing educational programmes around exhibitions
  • Tour of the Library’s Discovery Exhibitions

This course is intended for library and information staff involved or
responsible for developing exhibition and the progammes around them.

Note: Numbers are limited to 15

Cost: €120

Staff from the Exhibitions and Outreach Department of the National Library will provide this course


Course:  Service Innovation in the Academic Library

Course code: ANLTC 2011/03

Venue: University of Limerick

Date: Tuesday 19th April 2011


A myriad of changes and consequential shift in the information landscape of academic libraries has created exciting opportunities to develop new ways of improving service to customers. In order to stay current and
relevant to the user population, libraries are tailoring their services, considering new styles and models of service provision and implementing a more effective targeted front-of -house information services function. In this one-day seminar there will be an opportunity to hear from practitioners who have introduced new service models and those who advocate new approaches and new ways of thinking.


Jane Core, Director Academic Service, Northumbria University “Libraries and Librarians for the Future”

Cathal McCauley Librarian,  NUI Maynooth “New Directions for the academic library”

Maire Lanigan, Director of Information Services and Libraries, City University, London.  “Managing the academic library in a cold climate: reshaping service, space and collections”

David Fay, City Libraries Manager, Newcastle City Library. “New Way’s of working …..redefining the role and presentation of front line service”

Maxine Melling, Director of Learning and Information Services, Liverpool John Moores University. “Partnership working: super-converged service delivery in universities”

Audience: All Library Staff

Places: 40

Cost: €120




Course:  The Printed Word in Irish Humanities Research

Code: ANLTC 2011/ 04

Date: Tuesday 21 June 2011

Venue: Royal Irish Academy, 19 Dawson Street, Dublin 2


In this seminar, experienced researchers in the broad field of Irish studies will discuss the value of particular kinds of sources in their research work. The perspective is different from the usual student-centred focus that informs much of the core work in Irish university libraries. This seminar is about how library collections are used in humanities research by academics.

New research undertaken by academic staff in the humanities in Ireland is in the process of being transformed by the availability of online resources. While enthusiastically welcoming developments such as the availability of mainstream journals online, and the digitisation of selected manuscripts from special collections, researchers are well aware of the limitations of what is currently available online. In most specialist fields in the humanities, and perhaps particularly on topics of Irish interest, there is
still a long way to go.  This seminar is not simply about what’s not yet online; it’s about what researchers need and how they use whatever resources are available to them  in whatever format. Thus, for example, speakers will address the issue of using printed texts and online versions of those same texts in tandem, where both are available.

In all our libraries, there is much of special value in the bound volumes from the eighteenth to twentieth centuries that is unlikely to be superseded for decades. In libraries where space is at a premium, are
publications of ongoing value for humanities research in danger of becoming a victim of the demand for more ‘social space’?

This seminar offers an opportunity for librarians to listen to academic researchers in the humanities and discuss their methodologies and the resources, particularly the printed sources, they need to be available to them in their research libraries.

The course is designed to operate at two levels. It offers humanities subject librarians an opportunity to learn how active researchers in the humanities actually use research libraries, and to become familiar with key
resources. It also offers policy makers in research libraries the opportunity to enhance their awareness of the continuing value to researchers of the printed research tools already in their collections.

Presenters: Prof. James Kelly, Department of History, St Patrick’s College, Drumcondra; Sarah Gearty,
Cartographic editor, Irish Historic Towns Atlas; Prof. Raymond Gillespie, Department of History, NUI Maynooth; Marie Boran, Moore Institute, NUI Galway and Special Collections Librarian, James Hardiman Library, NUI Galway.

Cost: €50

Closing date: 14 June 2011


Course: “The show must go on: sustaining libraries in challenging times”

Code: ANLTC 2011/ 05

Date:  Wednesday 30th November 2011 at Trinity College Library Dublin.

Target Audience: The course is specifically geared to library staff involved in the provision or management
of key tasks and/or staff.

Description: The morning session is about how we in academic libraries can meet the challenging times
head-on. We have John Cox, University Librarian, NUIG setting the scene. We’ll then hear from Helen Fallon & Lynne Budden about how NIUM is meeting the challenge via Staff Development. Finally we’ll hear from John McDonough, of the Oireachtas Library & Research Service about the Fas JobBridge Programme how
it works and its benefits. Then we’ll get tips from practitioners in the field (in UCD and UL) about their schemes.

The afternoon session is on how we as a profession are coping with these challenging times. We’ll hear from Caitriona Sharkey will tell us about the Library Association of Ireland report on Employment Support. Diane
Sonnenwald, SILS will then tell us how they are providing ‘real life’ experience for their students. We’ll then hear Denise Kennedy from the National Library Ireland about the programme they operate to provide studentships and volunteer opportunities to SILS graduates and entrants.

Presenters: John Cox, University Librarian, NUI Galway; Helen Fallon, Deputy Librarian, NUI Maynooth;
Lynne Budden, Staff Development Officer, NUI Maynooth; John McDonough, Head of Collections, Library & Research Services, Houses of the Oireachtas; Ursula Byrne, Head of Academic Services (Humanities & Social Sciences), University College Dublin; Aoife Geraghty, Head, Information Services, University of
Limerick; Caitriona Sharkey, Ernest & Young and committee member, Academic & Special Libraries section, LAI; Diane Sonnenwald, Head of School and Professor of UCD School of Information and Library Studies; Denise Kennedy, Head of Human Resources & Transformation, National Library of Ireland.



L Budden NUIM

U Byrne UCD


H Fallon NUIM

A Geraghty UL

J McDonough Oireachtas

C Sharkey LAI

D Sonnewald UCD