The Power of Customers

Course code: ANLTC 2009/01

Date: Tuesday 20 January 2009

Description: This course will cover a number of topics relating to the provision
of a quality customer service in libraries. The purpose of the course is to
empower participants to be more comfortable, confident and competent when dealing
with customers.

Audience: Library Assistants, reference service staff and all other front
line staff

Course presenter: Padraic OMaille

Host Library/Venue: National Library of Ireland

Cost: €120


Introduction to Writing for Academic Publication

Course Code: ANLTC 2009/02

Date: Thursday 26 February 2009

Description: This one-day course will focus primarily on writing for professional and peer-reviewed journals. Participants should have a topic they wish to write about. They will complete a number of practical writing exercises relating to their chosen topic. Library staff who have published will share experiences and tips. At the end of the course each participant will draw up a writing plan for an article. Participants will meet on two further occasions during the year, provide feedback through a writing buddy scheme, the aim being to complete a journal article within one year.

Audience: Library staff who actively plan to write for academic publication

Course presenter: Helen Fallon

Host Library/Venue: National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Cost: €120 per person


Digital Imaging: project/programme development

Course Code: ANLTC 2009/03

Date: Thursday 26 March 2009

Description: This workshop will offer a practical introduction to the principals and practices of digital imaging. Participants will have the opportunity to develop a digitization strategy, the creation of imaging standards, and the selection of best practices for a selection of humanities and library based imaging projects. Topics of exploration will include, imaging tools and technologies, metadata standards, and imaging processes, standards and best practices.

Audience: Anyone involved or interested in the development and management of a digital imaging project or program

Course presenters: Tim Keefe, Head of Digital Resources, TCD; Jane Lawson, Metadata Cataloguer, TCD; Gillian Whelan, Senior Digital Photographer, TCD.

Host Library: Trinity College Dublin



Librarian as consultant: ensuring respect for your library service

Course Code: ANLTC 2009/04

Date: Friday 17 April 2009

Description: This practical one-day event for librarians aims to develop skills and confidence in promoting the library’s services and resources from the customer perspective. Respect sometimes comes naturally but mainly comes as a result of making sure you are noticed at the level of a consultant rather than simply responding to a series of information requests. Tools and techniques to encourage respect will be covered, along with ways of capturing the time spent on consultancy and ideas for product branding to user segments, such that customers are aware of the library’s role in resource provision.

Audience: Librarians, particularly those with liaison responsibilities. Limited to 16 participants.

Course presenter: Terry Kendrick

Host Library: University of Limerick


Web Development Toolkit

Course Code: ANLTC 2009/05

Date: Friday 24 April 2009

Description: Library Web pages present an image of the library and provide valuable information to your users. If you have responsibility for maintaining Library web pages such as websites, subject pages, WebOPACs, blogs, wikis etc. and would benefit from useful tools to help you improve them, then this course is for you. The course will give you the skills to use freely available web based tools which will help you to enhance and develop your web presence.

The course will include hands on practical exercises. Topics to be covered include: an overview of managing web pages, the top 10 dos and don’ts, practical tips on fonts, colours, separating design and content, using images and getting your pages noticed and used.

The second part of the course will involve practical hands on sessions on Web Development Toolkit which will utilize some of the Firefox suite of extensions for Web Development. Finally the course will include a short session on using Google Analytics on your web pages to gather usage statistics. Course notes and documentation will be distributed on the day.

Audience: The course is directed at library staff involved in editing and maintaining library web pages.

Note: Numbers are limited on this course

Host library: Dublin Institute of Technology

Course Location: Training Room 1, DIT Library, Aungier St. Dublin 2.

Presenters: Neil Andrews, Head of Department, School of Hospitality, DIT, Cathal Brugha St. Dublin 1; Katherine Kenny, Acting Web Administrator, DIT, Aungier St, Dublin 2; Fiachra Mangan, Library Services, DIT, Aungier St, Dublin 2



Dealing with Change

Course code: ANLTC 2009/07

Date: Thursday 21 May 2009

Description: By the end of the programme, participants will have:

  • Considered the changing nature of their workplaces
  • Explored the stages
    of change and how people transition through them
  • Identified conditions andsituations that are conducive to stress
  • Examined how they currently manage their energy and engagement levels
  • Developed and utilised a range of strategiesto manage energy and reduce stress

Participants will also complete the Full Engagement Diagnostic Tool, (an energy management questionnaire) and receive a personalised report to help them to create a greater level of balance in their professional and personal lives.

Audience: This event is open to all library staff

Course presenters: Connor McDonough of Pathway (, is the programme facilitator and has extensive experience of working with library staff and of dealing with issues of change

Host Library/Venue: Dublin City University

Cost: €120 per person


Themed Library visit to New Postgraduate Research Library at UCC: new service developments in the new spaces

Course code: ANLTC 2009/06

Date: Tuesday 26 May 2009

Description: This visit will focus on innovations in User services with the emphasis on the practicalities of new service provision in the New Postgraduate Research Library at UCC. UCC Library staff will report on the planning, implementation and operation of new self service technologies including of proximity access, the largest mechanical book sorter in the UK and Ireland, an open reserve using RFID, a new multi-media service, and digital signage. Another focus will be on UCC’s experience in making available to Users new social spaces in the form of group study rooms and an open ground floor commons area. The staff will report on their experiences with the setting up and operation of the Quadrangle reading room within the main Library which is open until 2am. There will be an in-depth guided tour of the new facilities with an opportunity to meet and interact with staff in each area. Presentations on service developments will be given by UCC staff followed by a facilitated discussion. This themed Library visit focusing on new services is a follow up to the visit to the New Postgraduate Research library in 2008 which focused on the building Project and the building itself.

Audience: Reader Services managers, Senior Library assistants, Library Assistants

Presenters: Seamus McMahon, Deputy Librarian, UCC; Valerie King, Head of Customer Services UCC; Ronan Madden, Arts and Multi-Media Librarian UCC; Ann Byrne, Customer Services Supervisor UCC, Eugene van den Hurk, Acting Systems Administrator UCC

Host Library/Venue: Board Room, Boole Library, UCC

Cost: €120 per person


Meeting the Information Needs of Researchers

Course code: ANLTC 2009/08

Date: Thursday 25 June 2009

Description: This seminar will examine a range of issues which impact on how effectively academic libraries can meet the information needs of researchers.
Coverage will include: understanding researchers and the current research environment; how researcher needs vary; key information skills for researchers; specialist services; developments in scholarly communication; targeted collection development for research support; staffing the research support function.

Audience: Library staff involved in the provision or management of information services to researchers

Course presenters: Variety of speakers

Host Library/Venue: National University of Ireland, Galway

Cost: €120 per person

Programme and Slides

How to Build a Stronger Future: a guide for library professionals

Course Code: ANLTC 2009/09

Date: DEFERRED from July 2009

Description: Continuing professional development is a necessary aspect of keeping up to date in a rapidly changing profession. Librarians are no more immune to evolutions in technology and innovation, service provision and customer expectations than any other professional group. This session explores what the LIBRARY PROFESSIONAL needs to be doing to ensure they build a stronger future for themselves. The day will aim to generate questions, answers, and CPD plans.

Audience: The course has relevance for professional level library staff.

Course presenters: Variety of speakers

Host Library: Trinity College Dublin

Cost: €120.00


Acting on Evidence: Applying the principles of Evidence Based Library and Information Practice

Course code: ANLTC 2009/10

Date: DEFERRED from July 2009

Description: Training in Evidence Based Library & Information Practice (EBLIP – the consensual term for Evidence Based Librarianship) has previously focused on specific technical skills at the expense of implementation. Recent developments have seen increasing efforts to implement EBLIP locally into mainstream library and information practice. How can you as a library or information practitioner get evidence into your practice? How can you work as part of a team to develop a project-based approach to making your service more efficient and effective?

This workshop will provide participants with the opportunity to work in common interest groups, (information skills training, enquiry services and library outreach etcetera) to follow the evidence trail from problem through to potential solutions. Each group will follow a semi-structured process, prompted by “trigger” scenarios over the course of an extended case study. Participants will work in groups to apply EBLIP principles to real-life problems, supported by materials provided by the facilitators. The day will conclude with plenary feedback allowing all groups to benefit from observations on the process itself and from the specific findings from each group.

Audience: Professional library staff who are interested in developing an evidence-based approach in their library practice

Course presenter: Andrew Booth is a joint-editor of Evidence-based Practice for Information Professionals: A handbook, currently the only handbook on this increasingly important topic. He is one of the most experienced facilitators of small group teaching within a European library context. He will use problem based learning approaches to provide a varied and stimulating collective learning experience.

Host Library/Venue: University of Ulster, Belfast campus

Cost: €120.00


Seminar on CONUL Copyright Briefing Paper 2008

Course code: ANLTC 2009/11

Date: Tuesday 1 September 2009

Description: The implementation and management of copyright legislation has often been a challenge for libraries. Copyright issues impact traditional and emerging collections, services and users. The regulatory environment has evolved rapidly posing further challenges. Recent changes in the Irish context include:

* the Copyright Act 2000, subsequent amendments and instruments

* regulated and licenced use of specific materials and digital objects

CONUL, the Committee of National and University Libraries, established a SubCommittee on Copyright and Regulatory Matters which produced an extensive Briefing Paper
in January 2008. The Briefing Paper is available in full at CONUL’s website

The objectives of this seminar are:

  • to introduce current aspects of copyright legislation and regulation
  • present the content of the Copyright Briefing Paper in summary form
  • identify issues for further consideration at institutional level

This will be a participative event where attendees will be invited to contribute their own issues and problems for discussion.

Audience: Library staff at all levels dealing with copyright related policies and problems in either collections or services.

Course presenters:

Sean Phillips, retired Librarian, University College Dublin, active in copyright related matters on behalf of CONUL and the IUA.

Joe Donnelly, Librarian, Judges Library a trainer and presenter on Irish copyright legislation and provisions.

Various authors of the CONUL Briefing Paper, members of the Copyright SubCommittee.

Host Library/Venue: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Dublin.

Cost: € 60


Using Emotional Intelligence at Work

Course Code: ANLTC 2009/12

Date: Wednesday 21 October 2009

Description: There was a time when IQ was considered the leading determinant of success. However recent surveys show that there is a trend among employers to value emotional intelligence above IQ, being the strongest indicator of human success. It is defined in terms of self-awareness, altruism, personal motivation, empathy and the ability to love and be loved by friends, partners, and family members. People who possess high emotional intelligence are the people who truly succeed in work as well as play, building flourishing careers
and lasting, meaningful relationships.

Audience: All library staff. Max 15 places.

Prerequisite: Participants will be required to complete a short questionnaire in advance.

Course presenter: Treasa Kenny

Host Library/Venue: National Library of Ireland

Cost: €120 per person


Maps and mapping: from sheet to electronic

Course Code: 2009/13

Date: 12th November 2009

Description: This one day seminar will look at the operation of two contrasting map collections, both within UCD Library: the Architecture & Planning Library and Special Collections. We will cover maps’ acquisition, organisation, ervice development, referral to other map collections and users of map collections. Following this there will be an exploration of freely available Irish web-based resources in key thematic areas (historical, environmental, geological, aerial). We will then look at the area of geographical information systems (GIS), starting with a look at the planning and implementation of two library-based geospatial information services: in Harvard University and Arizona State University. The
day will finish with a demonstration of a variety of GIS applications.

Course presenters: This training course will be delivered by members of UCD

Host Library: University College Dublin

Cost: €120.00