Conflict Resolution

Course code: ANLTC 2007/01

Date: Tuesday 30 January 2007 – CANCELLED

Description: This is a one day workshop aimed at Library Assistants and Library Attendants with the objectives of:

1. Introducing people to an understanding of what happens in conflict situations.

2. Identifying conflict management styles and choices of response available.

3. Practicing skills in relation to assertively resolving conflict with colleagues and service users.

Course presenters: Burtenshaw Kenny Associates

Host Library/Venue: University of Limerick

Cost: €120


Effective Report Writing

Course Code: ANLTC 2007/02

Date: Tuesday 24 April 2007

Description: This course is aimed at all library staff who have to write reports for internal or external readerships. The written report is still the major channel for the communication of information. In spite of all the latest developments
in word-processing , reports still rely, ultimately, on individual human beings. These individuals are called upon, increasingly, to write reports as part of their everyday work. Staff reports, progress reports, technical reports, feasibility and evaluation reports all demand skills of organisation and expression in which very few receive any training. Yet decisions, both major and minor are, more often than not, based on reports, and trust is placed on those preparing them to do a professional, thorough job of researching and collating information into a coherent, accurate and unbiased document. This one-day course is designed to enable the participants to communicate clearly in a variety of report styles.

Course Objectives

By the end of the course, the participants will be able to:

  • Understand the report-writing process
  • Identify the purpose of their reports
  • Apply a recognized report structure
  • Know the principles and rules which apply to effective report writing
  • Write effective English

Course Presenter: Professor Hubert McDermott, NUIG

Host Library/Venue: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Cost: €120


Working in an Intercultural Environment

Course code: ANLTC 2007/03

Date: Tuesday 1 May 2007

Description: This one-day course will address intercultural awareness raising and discuss strategies for interacting with specific cultures and for creating an inclusive environment. During the sessions there will be an exploration
of the issues relating to interaction with different linguistic and cultural norms and values. The course has relevance for all library staff and particularly for those working and information, reference and issue desk. The course which
will have a workshop format will be delivered by Dr. Aileen Pearson-Evans from the School of Languages and Inter-Cultural Studies in DCU.

Presenter: Dr. Aileen Pearson-Evans, DCU

Host Library / Venue: Dublin City University Library

Cost: €120 per person


Introduction to Writing for Academic Publication

Course code: ANLTC 2007/04

Date: Tuesday 22 May 2007

Description: This one-day course will focus primarily on writing journal articles. However, other forms of academic writing such as book reviews, book chapters, books, edited collections and conference papers will also be touched on. Part of the programme will focus on getting published. There will be a strong practical element to the course, with participants having the opportunity to write. At the end of the session each participant will have drawn up a writing plan for an article/conference paper and a writer’s circle may be formed among participants to encourage and further develop our academic writing.

Audience: Library staff who actively wish to write for academic publication

Course presenter: Helen Fallon

Host Library/Venue: National University of Ireland, Maynooth

Cost: €120 per person


Developing the Blended Librarian Challenges for Academic Libraries

Course code: ANLTC 2007/05

Date: Thursday 28 June 2007

Description: This seminar will examine the way the role of subject librarian/liaison librarian has been transformed over the last five years and focus on the issues facing librarians and managers, as job advertisements look for Learning Advisors or Cyberskills and Learning Services Officer or instructional Design Librarian, and staff face continuing change in their role.

Course presenters (with links to slide presentations):

The keynote speakers will be followed by a debate on the topic and a panel discussion

Host Library: University College Dublin

Venue: Albert Theatre, Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Mercer Street, Dublin 2

Cost: €120


Introduction to Project Management

Course Code: ANLTC 2007/06

Date: Wednesday 26 September 2007

Description: Management of projects, big and small, is an increasingly vital role for library managers. Attendees at this course will receive an introduction to the key principles underlying successful project management, including defining the role of a project manager, planning, implementing, monitoring and evaluating project work.

Audience: Library staff managing projects

Course Presenter: Connor McDonough, GFP Consult

Host Library: National Library of Ireland

Venue: National Library of Ireland

Cost: €120 per person


Marketing Planning for the Academic Library

Course code: ANLTC 2007/07

Date: 23 October 2007

Description: Marketing planning brings together many current library initiatives  including marketing strategies and user profiling practices. It provides a framework for understanding users, developing value propositions and implementing these in an effective and efficient manner. This CILIP workshop will outline current best practice in marketing planning and show how this impacts on management practices within academic library services. Participants will gain an understanding of why marketing planning is a key issue for academic library services along with a detailed understanding of the process and the available tools and techniques to use in marketing planning.

Workshop Leader: Terry Kendrick, Marketing Consultant. Terry originally trained as a librarian and after a significant time in this career moved into marketing planning in 1987. Since then he has worked on marketing planning assignments in seventeen different countries for over fifty organisations – private and public sector.

Host Libraries: University of Ulster and Dublin Institute of Technology

Venue: Dublin Institute of Technology

Cost: €250


Maximising Web 2.0 for Your Library

Course code: ANLTC 2007/08

Date: Thursday 15 November 2007

Description: Libraries are using Web 2.0 technologies to deliver an enriched user experience on library websites and other applications. Blogs, RSS feeds, search, chat and tagging are just some of the facilities for creating more interactive, informative and current websites. This workshop will give delegates practical experience of using these technologies and lots of ideas for developing innovative communication channels with users.

Course presenter: Phil Bradley, Internet Consultant

Host Library/Venue: National University of Ireland, Galway

Maximum Places: 14

Cost: €120