Institutional Repositories in an Irish Context

Course code: ANLTC 2006/01

Date: Thursday 9 February 2005 . Time 1030-1645

Description: This seminar aims to examine the development of institutional repositories in the Irish context, with an emphasis on the practical implications of constructing open access digital archives for print-like materials. Key issues will include scholarly communications, management and technical issues, legislation, preservation and marketing of institutional repositories. There will also be a number of case studies of recent Irish repositories. Prior to the day, participants are invited to send specific questions they would like addressed, as well as an indication of what they’d like to get from the seminar (eg. I’m new to this, but interested in learning more, I’m a repository system developer seeking to exchange  ideas/information, etc.) so that it can be made as relevant as possible for those attending.

Audience: Librarians with an interest in, or involved with, institutional repositories

Presenters: Paul Sheehan, Dublin City University, and Niamh Brennan, Trinity College Dublin.

Host Library / Venue: National Library of Ireland

Cost: €100 per person


Capturing, Editing and Using Digital Images

Course code: ANLTC 2006/02

Date: Thursday 6 April 2006 , 0930-1600

Description: The power of images is well documented. If you would like to work with images on web sites or in presentations this course is for you. The course will give you an understanding of digital imagery and will equip you with the skills to source, capture and manipulate them. A practical hands-on session on manipulating images using standard editing tools will give you the confidence to experiment with size, colour, contrast and to prepare images for effective use in web pages and in powerpoint presentations.

Audience: The course is directed at library staff involved in using digital images for effect on websites or in powerpoint presentations. Course notes and documentation will be distributed on the day.

Pre-requisite: Experience of using a PC and mouse.

Host Library / Venue: Dublin Institute of Technology

Course Location: Training Room, DIT Library, Aungier St. Dublin 2.
(No 7 on Map)

Presenter: Evin McCarthy, Digital Media Centre, DIT, Aungier St. Dublin 2

Fee: To be announced


Emotional Intelligence

Course Code: ANLTC 2006/03

Date: Wednesday 17 May 2006

Description: There was a time when IQ was considered the leading determinant of success. However recent surveys show that there is a trend among employers to value emotional intelligence above IQ, being the strongest indicator of human success. It is defined in terms of self-awareness, altruism, personal motivation, empathy and the ability to love and be loved by friends, partners, and family members. People who possess high emotional intelligence are the people who truly succeed in work as well as play, building flourishing careers and lasting, meaningful relationships.

Audience: All library staff. Max 20 places.

Prerequisite: Participants will be required to do some pre-course work.

Host Library / Venue: UCD/National Library of Ireland

Course Location: National Library of Ireland

Presenter: Treasa Kenny

Cost: €100 per person


Introduction to MARC 21

Course code: ANLTC 2006/04

Date: Wednesday 31 May & Thursday 1 June 2006 ; Time 09:15 – 16:30 both days

Description: Reflecting the requirements of working cataloguers for an integrated knowledge of MARC 21, this workshop covers a range of formats (books, serials, videos and electronic resources). The MARC 21 format being presented reflects the possibilities of the full format, rather than a modified version offered by a specific system supplier.

By the end of the event participants will have:

  • gained an understanding of the integrated approach of the MARC 21format
  • significantly practised elements that allow you to work with MARC 21
  • developed a secure knowledge of the MARC 21 format

Audience: Librarians involved in quality online data creation and those involved in the process of upgrading to MARC 21.

Presenter: Keith Trickey, CILIP Trainer

Host Library / Venue: University of Limerick

Cost: €200 per person


Interactive Library Sessions – making the most of your 45 minutes

Course code: ANLTC 2006/05

Date: Wednesday 28 June 2006

Host Library / Venue: Queen’s University Belfast

Description: As librarians are all too aware, the time available to deliver an effective session in information skills or subject-based classes is very limited.

Unless scheduled within the curriculum and given appropriate resourcing, we end up trying to impart essential skills in a very short time frame. This seminar aims to explore teaching and learning styles that will enhance the delivery of such sessions.

A range of learning styles will be explored. This will be followed with techniques that will make teaching student-centred and interactive. And how will you know your teaching has been effective? We will be looking at assessment and evaluation techniques relating to your teaching activities. A practical session focusing on planning, designing and evaluating such a session will conclude this workshop.

By the end of the day participants will have :

* Gained an understanding of learning styles

* Explored a range of techniques to support these styles

* Gained tips on enhancing interactivity

* Learned how to evaluate their sessions

* Have practical experience in planning, designing & evaluating a session

Audience: All librarians involved in delivering workshops in information skills & subject-based classes to their users.

Presenters:Sarah Maguire, Staff Development, University of Ulster; Mick Carragher & Frank O’Deorain, Subject Librarians, University of Ulster

Cost : €70 per person


Perspectives on Online Information

Course code: ANLTC 2006/06

Date: Thursday 27 July 2006

Description: This seminar will address a range of issues directly and indirectly associated with e-resources provision by libraries. Topics include IReL, e-resource access, portals, emerging technologies, information literacy and end user perspectives.

Audience: All library staff who engage with electronic resources

Course presenters: Library and academic staff

Host Library / Venue: National University of Ireland , Galway

Cost : €100 per person


Working in an Intercultural Environment

Course code: ANLTC 2006/07

Date: Thursday 7 September 2006 – CANCELLED

Description: This one-day course will address intercultural awareness raising and discuss strategies for interacting with specific cultures and for creating an inclusive environment. During the sessions there will be an exploration of the issues relating to interaction with different linguistic and cultural norms and values. The course has relevance for all library staff and particularly for those working and information, reference and issue desk. The course which will have a workshop format will be delivered by Dr. Aileen Pearson-Evans from the School of Languages and Inter-Cultural Studies in DCU.

Presenter: Aileen Pearson-Evans

Host Library / Venue: Dublin City University Library

Cost: €100 per person


Developing and Managing E-Book Collections (in co-operation with UK Electronic Information Group, UKEIG)

Course code: ANLTC 2006/08

Date: Tuesday 12 September 2006

Description: This course opens the door to a new electronic format. In the last six years, there has been an unprecedented growth in the publishing of e-books with an increasing array of different types available for all sectors.  The programme will give you the opportunity to explore a range of different e-books including a range of commercially-published and free reference works, monographs, textbooks, and fiction. Examples will include individual titles and also collections of e-books, such as those offered by NetLibrary and Oxford University Press. The course will also facilitate consideration of the new opportunities e-books offer for librarians and users, and the significant collection management and promotional issues which challenge information and library staff.

Audience: Library staff who wish to keep up to date with regulatory developments.

Host Library / Venue: Dublin City University

Presenters: Ray Lonsdale and Chris Armstrong

Cost: €100 for limited number of initial ANLTC bookings; remaining bookings at UKEIG member rate

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The New Shape of Knowledge and Learning

Course code: ANLTC 2006/10

Date: 21 November 2006

Description: This workshop will explore the role of libraries and librarians in e-Learning and also the impact of e-Learning on libraries. Participants will also reflect on how portals and 21st century OPACs fit into the mix.

Audience: This course is aimed at library staff involved in delivering content and support to users.

Presenters: Various

Host Library/Venue: Trinity College Dublin

Cost: €100 per person


Information Desk Skills

Course code: ANLTC 2006/11

Date: Friday 24 November 2006

Description: This course will cover a number of topics relating to the provision of a high quality information desk service. This includes the role of the information services in the modern academic library, conducting an effective reference interview, telephone and e-mail reference work, coping with queues, and establishing when to refer queries to librarians. The needs of a diverse user community will also be explored.

Audience: Library Assistants who work at the Information Desk.

Course Presenters: Librarians from Irish University Libraries.

Host Library/Venue: National University of Ireland , Maynooth.