Library Services to Non-Traditional Users

Course code: ANLTC 80

Date: Thursday 16th January 2003

Description: Changes in higher education, student profiles and equality legislation have meant more academic library users do not fit the “traditional” model. Distance learners, part-time or disabled students are some examples of these users. This one-day event will explore the challenges for academic libraries and look at some of the practical solutions.

Presenter: Colette McKenna, User Services Librarian, University of Ulster and others

Participants: Professional library staff responsible for policies that will improve access to their services and those staff with special responsibility for any type of non-traditional user.

Host library: University of Ulster

Venue: Learning Resources Centre, Jordanstown Campus, Newtownabbey, Co.Antrim.

Fee: €60.00 sterling per person


Collection Management Strategies for the Hybrid Library

Course code: ANLTC 81

Date: Wednesday 29th January 2003

Description: This one-day event will examine issues including collaboration, deselection policies, storage, archiving and digitization for print, non-print and e-materials.

Participants: All library staff

Host Library: University College Dublin, Dublin

Venue: Bewleys Hotel, Ballsbridge, Dublin 4

Fee: €100.00 per person

Course Notes

Searching the Web

Course code: ANLTC 82

Date: Thursday 6th February 2003

Description: Searching the Web is an everyday occurrence for library staff and users, but both groups often take a rushed and simplistic approach. Finding good quality information on the Web is often complex, requiring an up-to-date knowledge of how to use a range of evolving general and specialist search tools. This course will provide overviews of a variety of issues, including developments in the main search engines, search techniques, evaluation, user training, reference tools and news services. There will be a mix of presentations, practical work and group discussion.

Presenters: Lisa Callaghan (DCU), John Cox (NUI, Galway), Arlene Healy (TCD),
Niall McSweeney (NUI, Galway) Hugo Kelly (NUI Galway)

Participants: Staff whose work involves searching the Web on their own or
others’ behalf; numbers limited to 16

Host Library: NUI, Galway

Fee: €100 per person


Group Facilitation Skills

Course code: ANLTC 83

Date: Friday 28th February 2003

Description: The objectives of this one day programme are to give participants an understanding of the process of group facilitation and the skills required by a facilitator. There will be an opportunity to practice these skills during the session.

Topics to be covered:

– Group facilitation defined

– the skills of facilitation

– Before you start! (pre-work)

Goals, group expectations and opening the session. Managing and controlling contributions. Leading and structuring a group discussion. Managing conflict and disagreement. Outcomes, action plan and follow up.

Presenters: Annette Keane, Institute of Public Administation, Dublin.

Host Library: NUIM

Fee: €100 per person


Supervisory Skills

Course code: ANLTC 84

Date: Thursday 6th March 2003

Description: this course on supervisory skills will enable participants

– to explore their purposes in being a supervisor

– to discover how to build a motivating environment

– to look at setting goals and allocating work

– to establish standards for work to be done

– to identify ways of briefing staff and keeping them informed

– to look at how to give and receive praise and criticism
Presenters: Treasa Kenny
Participants: The course is aimed at senior library assistants, library assistants
and others who supervise staff as part of their role.

Host Library: National Library of Ireland

Fee: €100 per person


Advanced Reading Skills

Course code: ANLTC 85

Date: Cancelled

Description: Techniques to reduce the amount of time spent reading and evaluating important documents, while improving assimilation and retention

Presenters: TBA

Participants: Library management staff with more essential material to read than time to read it.

Host Library: NUI, Cork


Fee: €100 per person

Marrying effective learning and teaching with online technology: in an information skills context

Course code: ANLTC 86

Date: Friday 4th April 2003

Description: This participative, one-day workshop, will introduce participants to the issues and challenges asssociated with the use of technology in a teaching and learning context. Content includes: pedagogical issues, models of online teaching, overview of technology, design issues, assessment and evaluation.

Presenter: Roisin Donnelly

Participants: Library staff with specific responsibility for the delivery
of information skills training.

Host Library: Dublin City University, Dublin

Venue: Dublin

Fee: €100 per person


Tools and Techniques for Project Management

Course code: ANLTC 87

Date: Tuesday 8 April 2003

Description: Management of projects, big and small, is an increasingly vital role for library managers. Attendees at this course will receive an introduction to the key principles underlying successful project management, including planning, scheduling, monitoring and progress reporting with an emphasis throughout on the people side of projects, including team co-ordination and group roles.

Presenter: Jim Cumiskey, Institute of Public Administration

Participants: Staff at managerial level; numbers limited to 16

Host library: NUI, Galway

Venue: James Hardiman Library, NUI, Galway

Fee: €100 per person


Performance Indicators

Course code: ANLTC 88

Course cancelled

In times of trouble – disaster planning for libraries

Course code: ANLTC 89

Date: Wednesday 11 June 2003

Description: Disaster planning and recovery should now be an established part of everyday management in libraries. Among the themes covered in this one-day conference will be:

* Writing a disaster plan
* Surviving a disaster and learning from the lessons
* Understanding the national disaster planning perspective
* Finding out about the UK and Ireland Blue Shield Organisation
* Preventing disasters in the first place
* Dealing with the aftermath of disasters-insurance issues

Presenters: Deborah Shorley, Librarian at the University of Sussex; Jon Purcell, Deputy Librarian, University of Newcastle upon Tyne; Owen Braford, Print Services Manager and Conservation Officer, University of Newcastle upon Tyne and a representative from the insurance and loss adjustment field.

Participants: Staff with responsibility for Disaster Planning

Host library: University of Limerick

Venue: University of Limerick

Fee: €100 per person


Visit to James Ussher Library

Course code: ANLTC 90

Date: Tuesday 9th September 2003

Description: This is an opportunity for a guided tour of the James Ussher Library at Trinity College Dublin. The Library was officially opened in April 2003 and houses the largest map collection in the country with over 500,000 items in its care and represents a unique resource covering cartographic information from the 17th century in both printed and increasingly in digital form. TCD’s
Library conservation facilities are also housed in the Ussher Library. The department has developed and disseminated innovative techniques and quality benchmarks through its work in the care of manuscripts and early printed materials. The new Conservation Department provides a custom built facility for the further development of these traditional techniques allied to application of the best
of contemporary technology.


11.15 – Coffee

11.30 – Brief address by the Librarian

11.45 – Tour