Presenting Professionally at Interviews

Course code: ANLTC 68

Date: Thursday 7 March 2002

Description: This programme will deal with preparing for and presenting effectively at interviews. Topics covered will include:

* composition of an interview panel
* analysing a job description and key competencies required
* types of interview questions
* communicating effectively
* presenting with confidence

There will be a practical element to the day when participants will have the opportunity to put skills learned into practice.

Presenter: Ailbhe Harrington, Institute of Public Administration

Participants: Library Assistants and equivalent grades; numbers limited to 12

Host library: NUI Maynooth

Venue: NUI Maynooth

Fee: €100 per person

Principles of Good Handling and Housing of Library Collections

Course code: ANLTC 69

Date: Thursday 11 April 2002

Description: This course will cover the principles of good handling and housing of library collections. It will outline a policy for preventing poor handling and will include demonstrations of the right and wrong ways to handle a selection of items from the library’s collection. Participants will have the opportunity for plenty of hands-on experience during the day.

Presenter: Matthew Cains and Nicola Ralston, National Library of Ireland Conservation Department

Participants: Anyone interested in learning the proper way to handle books etc; numbers limited to 10

Host library: National Library of Ireland

Venue: National Library of Ireland, Kildare Street, Dublin 2

Fee: €100

Online Sources of Business Information

Course code: ANLTC 70

Date: Course Cancelled

Description: The morning will consist of presentations describing and demonstrating the range of online resources for business information (free and fee). There will be an opportunity to look at some of these resources on shared machines. The afternoon will provide a mini-showcase of newly launched electronic information resources for business – up to three representatives from commercial service
providers will be invited to demonstrate their products.

Presenter: To be announced

Participants: All staff involved in information desk work

Host library: Queens University Belfast

Venue: Main Library Seminar Room, Queens University Belfast

Fee: €100 per person

Information Skills Training: Programme design,  evaluation and effective teaching/learning methodologies

Course code: ANLTC 71

Date: Thursday 9 May 2002

Description: This course will cover the following:

* designing an information skills training session
* Planning a series of information skills training sessions
* Identifying learning outcomes
* Evaluating sessions
* What models of learning and teaching are appropriate and effective?

Presenter: Terry Barrett, Education Consultant

Participants: All staff involved in the delivery of information skills training; numbers limited to 16

Host library: Dublin City University

Venue: Dublin City University Library, Glasnevin Dublin 9

Fee: €100 per person

Library Web Sites

Course code: ANLTC 72

Date: Friday 24 May 2002

Description: The library Web site has become established as an essential tool in providing access to services and resources for many types of users. This course examines key issues in optimizing the success of the site. These include appropriate content, design, information architecture, site maintenance, security, promotion and the role of the library intranets.

Presenter: To be announced

Participants: Staff involved in library Web site publication and maintenance; numbers limited to 16

Host library: NUI, Galway

Venue: James Hardiman Library, NUI, Galway

Fee: €100 per person

Accessing the Library

Course code: ANLTC 73

Date: June 2002

Description: This workshop will look at the problem that students with disabilities face in getting access to print and non-print sources of information in the library and will look at some possible solutions.

Presenter: To include: Diarmuid Stokes, Access Librarian, UCD; John Bennett, Access Officer, UCD

Participants: All library staff

Host library: University College Dublin

Venue: Main Library, University College Dublin, Belfield, Dublin 4

Fee: €100 per person

Health Sciences Online

Course code: ANLTC 74

Date: [Course Cancelled]

Description: Health information sites are among the key resources on the Internet, but it can be hard to understand the wide range of different sites, and to keep up to date in such a rapidly changing environment. Recent developments have been driven both by research and by patient care initiatives. This course will provide and overview of the major Web initiatives and help participants to understand and make good use of these exciting information sources.

Presenter: Hugh Brazier and other RCSI library staff

Participants: Staff involved in information support in medicine, biology and other sciences; numbers limited to 15

Host library: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland

Venue: Royal College of Surgeons in Ireland, Mercer Street, Dublin 2

Fee: €100 per person

Introduction to Irish Official publications (half day)

Course code: ANLTC 75

Date: Thursday 11 July 2002, 2.00pm – 4.30pm

Description: This course will help all staff who work on information desks to:

* Discover the different types of Irish official publications available
* Identify appropriate sources to answer information queries
* Identify Irish official/government information sources on the Web

Presenter: Tony Eklof, Law Librarian, University College Dublin

Participants: All staff involved in information desk work

Host library: Dublin City University

Venue: Dublin City University Library, Glasnevin, Dublin 9

Fee: €50 per person

Disaster Response Strategy

Course code: ANLTC 76

Date: Cancelled

Description: This programme is aimed at senior library staff responsible for planning disaster response strategies. It will focus on disaster prevention, preparatory activities and initial and secondary responses.

Presenter: John Lancaster, Director, Library and Information Services, University of Limerick

Participants: Senior library staff

Host library: University of Limerick

Venue: University of Limerick

Fee: €100 per person

Libra (PS4Win) Library Survey Software training

Course code: ANLTC 77

Date: Tuesday 23 July 2002

Description: The Libra software package has been extensively used by a number of libraries and has undergone upgrading recently. It has proved a valuable tool in articulating user opinions on a variety of services and facilities and thus proved a useful base for the development of library services. This one day session will provide an update to those changes and a refresher course for those who have not used the tool recently. It may also be useful for staff in libraries who are considering taking a subscription to the service.

Presenter: Juliet Brown-Forden

Participants: Staff involved in the generation and use of user opinion surveys

Host library: Trinity College Dublin

Venue: Henry Jones Room, Old Library, Trinity College Dublin

Fee: No fee will be charged

Introduction to Cataloguing for Library Assistants

Course code: ANLTC 78

Date: Wednesday 25 September 2002

Description: This one-day course, run by Allegro Training is designed to introduce Library Assistants to the basics of cataloguing concentrating mainly on books and periodicals. The course is interactive and includes hands-on examples Records, formatted in both MARC 21 and UK MARC, will be used during the course. The learning will be backed up with comprehensive handouts.

Presenter: Ian Ledsham, Allegro Training

Participants: Library Assistants working in library cataloguing departments

Host library: University of Limerick

Venue: University of Limerick

Fee: €100 per person

Issues for Cataloguers

Course code: ANLTC 79

Date: Tuesday 24 September 2002

Description: This one day seminar aims to provide a forum for considering a number of current issues for cataloguers. These include:

Demystifying metadata

A look at what metadata is and its relevance to the library community, covering ONIX, Dublin Core, Encoded Archival Description (EAD), Collection Descriptions and Community Information.

Beyond books

This session will concentrate on e-books, Internet resources, accessible formats, and digital images, with particular reference to chief source of information, physical description, subject access, original item details and access restrictions.

Quick, Good, Cheap

Examining ways to evaluate catalogues and catalogue records, and guidance on drawing up your own catalogue profile and requirements list to source quality records.

Influencing suppliers

Increasingly libraries are being offered standard products but wanting to offer specialised services, so this session will focus on the most effective ways of influencing suppliers.

Presenter and facilitator: Ann Chapman, UKOLN

Participants: Librarians specialising in cataloguing

Host library: University of Limerick

Venue: University of Limerick

Fee: €100 per person


Library Services to Non-Traditional Users

Course code: ANLTC 80

Date: deferred to 2003 programme

Description: In the past decade the growth in the numbers of non-traditional university students now means that they represent the majority of the student population. This one-day workshop will focus on the services currently being developed to provide support to non-traditional users.

Presenter: To be announced

Participants: Library staff involved in developing and delivering user services

Host library: University of Ulster at Jordanstown

Venue: University of Ulster at Jordanstown

Fee: €100 per person